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 The News from Eventide Dr in Murfreesboro, TN.
by Irene Harrison

The following is mostly from my thread on the Andre Norton Forum (Message board). Follow the link

I traveled to Murfreesboro, to visit with Andre Norton for about a day from 2 PM March 6 until Noon 7, 2004

When I was there Andre was chearful. She was walking a bit slower than she was a year ago, and took a bit longer to get up from a chair. This didn't seem unusual.

Andre has refused a contract for writing a short story. She did do the editing for THREE HANDS FOR SCORPIO, and sent that back to TOR. She is encouraging her co-authors, like Lyn McConchie (another Beastmaster book is being written), and Pauline Griffin. to keep writing.

Here's the scoop.
Andre's house and Library building are going on the market. Rose is moving away (possibly to England?), and Sue will still be around.

Andre on the last days of the library

#1  -   Andre on the last days of the library.

Andre will be moving into a "mother-in-law" type apartment attached to Sue Stewart & husband's home. She will be bringing several hugh boxes of stuff with her. Most of the packing is done. The cats are NOT amused.

Homes have been found for the cats who need to re-locate. When I visited, there were just four visible cats (and Rose' ancient Manx upstairs). Tippy, Raven & Margave were about when I visited (cloudy tortise, black & tiger/nixie?) so I've got photos.

Right now, the entire contents of the Library is being sold. Since the advertisements were for Sat & Sun, March 6-7, hopefully they have now sold most of the books, and some of the art. There may still be art & small stuff left over.

Andre's personal collection of her own books has been sold as a lot. This went for something like $35000.

When Anyone gets a new address for Andre, we will surely post it on the Forum.


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